We are all Superhumans!

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You don’t need the label of professional athlete or superstar, to have your own superhuman potential inside of you. Sometimes you just need a few quality habits to help you recognize it has been there all along!

I’m a Mom. And yoga teacher, health coach and entrepreneur. Even with a crazy schedule (that also includes the schedules of my peeps), one of my favorites things to do is run. Being outdoors and running are two of the habits that I value and can often credit for my sanity. Especially when life is in full-swing and my to-do list is far longer than the 24-hour day.

There are lots of parts of life that are beyond all of our control. Thankfully, there are some parts we can control, and when we practice habits that enable us to thrive, we are far more ready when life throws curveballs.

One way I start each morning is with what I put into my body. My green smoothie has become a non-negotiable for me. I played with many different breakfast options and this one continually provides the most benefits—and is where my HANAH ONE comes in.

When I first started practices some of Ayurvedic habits, one of the toughest old habits to let go of was the combining of nut milk and bananas in my morning green smoothie. I truthfully didn’t think you could drink a smoothie with water! Who would consider such a thing? To my surprise, the smoothie still tasted ok. And about that time I started to experiment with adding HANAH ONE to my morning beverage of choice. HANAH ONE is just thick enough to add some extra weight and YUM to my smoothie. Plus it is simple. As I prepare to blend, all I have to do is add a healthy spoonful in. Not only is it quick, but it provides extra healthy fats (amazing ghee and sesame seed oil) and has contains all the ingredients necessary to optimize the breakdown and use of nutrients to fuel my body.

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