7-Day Reboot

This Reboot is unlike all the other Reboot's I've ever seen or participated in.

I love Reboots, Challenges and all opportunities that help me build a stronger and healthier body. I love learning how my body works more efficiently and keeps movement fun and challenging!

As much as I love the above, I realistically only have so much time in any given day.

We are all busy. Whether you have a family, work in or outside your home, have a fitness regume currently, haven’t taken a walk or ran in ages, I designed this 7-Day Reboot for all of you.

Some fun facts about the Reboot:
There is just one diet change/tweak for the 7-Days. And it is one that works. I teach you how your Nervous System can change everything about how your body reach/or resist your optimal weight; can propel you forward to reach your goals, and/or keep you feeling stuck…

Active movements vary. Over the 7-Day Duration you will have the opportunity to:
-Practice a little yoga
-Strengthen your legs with some Pilates
-Do some HITT training
-Functional movement training

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up now!

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