In a recent email, I shared about the power of our nervous system. God knew what He was doing when He created us, and I don’t go a day, without being so grateful for some of the tools He hardwired right into us.

Here is a bit of my own story (when I began to experience the power of our nervous system

My gut health journey started when I was just 20, but it took a lot of years to be willing to break away from the traditional methods and recommendations for weight loss. In my 30’s I started practicing yoga. I started practicing yoga because my back hurt, and I’d been teaching pilates for a long time and I was ready for something different. There are a lot of similarities between pilates and yoga, so I was really wanting to gain some more flexibility and strengthen my core and back… What I didn’t anticipate was the huge impact it would have on my mental flexibility. By my investing roughly 20-30 minutes a day (probably 5 days/week), I was noticing that when things didn’t go as planned, I was slower to over-react. Interesting, huh? And then, I also started to lose a little weight–and believe me, I was not burning that many calories in 20-30 minutes of yoga! 

How? My nervous system was beginning to come out of the constant state of fight or flight. And my body was beginning to experience the power of our parasympathetic nervous system. Rest and digest, and less cortisol running through the body allows your body to let go of weight… In the state of fight or flight, your body will not let go of weight, just in case you are about to starve. Especially around the belly area. 

This created a new curiosity about our nervous system and how much it actually impacts our ability to let go of unnecessary “baggage”.