September has arrived!

by | Jan 12, 2020 | Mindfulness and Meditation

Pumpkin spice lattes, a few cozy pieces added to my wardrobe, we have a series of birthdays to celebrate—ahh—some of my favorites things…

Do me a quick favor: take a few moments to think through your September calendar. As you mentally go the activities, special events, work projects and celebrations—did you make sure to include a few lines for yourself?

They don’t necessarily need to be time-consuming, big or expensive—maybe it is volunteering where you want to serve; or making time for yoga—time to reset and keep you healthy—mind body and soul; possibly it is writing a letter with a pen and real paper, enclosing it an envelope and adding the stamp and getting it all the way to the mailbox! Possibly you are going to cut refined sugars from your diet; actually making time to commit to an in-depth Bible study, maybe a date night, or just setting the alarm earlier so you can find some time to meditate on God’s Word; maybe it’s time carved out to start writing down those stories that have brought you joy and comfort over the last year…. my list could continue. We all have passions that inspire us. So, does your calendar reflect any of those passions or have they been crowded out?

If not, I hope you go back and add some in, in ink, not pencil.

We will always have opportunities to fill our calendars and plates full. We won’t always have these same opportunities with our kids, our spouses, or friends at this particular time in life. Seasons change, we don’t want them to change without our getting the most out of each of them.

What matters most to you? Your calendar hopefully reflects whatever that is. Author, Brené Brown has written about the courage in being vulnerable and real. But I think one of my all time favorite quotes will always be, “Are you who you want your kids to be?” Whether you have children or not, your schedule will reflect that to be true. If it isn’t, then maybe this month would be the best time to set some boundaries, and start making some space on your calendar.

Blessings to you,


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