7-Day Reboot

Each day you will receive an email with 3 daily challenges. You may choose to practice 1, 2 or all three of them. The course can be 7-days, stand-alone, or you can register for the “all-year-round” membership.

Spring Reset
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Reset your mind and body in three weeks.
Reset: to renew, rejuvenate, refresh, to make young again.

Clarify your space.

In this Reset process, you’ll find more clarity and feel better in your body! When we help the body to detoxify, you begin to let go of the excess in your body and your life. You emerge with more vision and traction to make the most of each moment.

The focus isn’t on weight loss. It is a side benefit of learning and practicing how to live in deeper integrity with your own body. Other imbalances (headaches, PMS, menopause symptoms, low energy levels, mental fog, and joint pain) begin to disappear.