1. Heat up some water and make yourself a cup of hot tea. And not just any tea. When you look for tea, read what is in them and pay attention to what really sounds good to you. I’m writing this at the beginning of spring. So a tea that has bitters in it, such as nettles or dandelion greens is a great tea to enjoy. One of my favorites can be found here: loose leaf Tealyra

2. Spend 10-15 minutes doing something you love to do. If you have longer, take it, but everyday, work to create a small block of time to work on something that brings you joy. For example, something I love is knitting, so a row here and there always brings me joy and keeps my hands busy so they can’t open the refrigerator or cabinet doors when I’m just feeling the urge to eat (and am not really hungry).

3. Self-massage. When I first heard this one I thought, “never!” Boy was I wrong, and missing out. I will at least massage my feet at night before bed. After a shower, a few extra minutes working sesame seed oil (with a lovely essential oil) into my skin not only feels amazing, but brings calm and helps work through any soreness I may have from recent workouts

4. Prepare you food instead of just heating it up. I learned this when I first started making my meals “from scratch”. When there is focused prep work involved, I seldom have the same desire to overeat. it is simpler to stop when I’ve had enough.

5. Essential oils. I love putting on and wearing essential oils like perfume or on diffuser jewelry. Essential oils enter your body through your limbic system (so your power of smell) AND they affect your emotions and memories. There are oils for about everything and they work wonders. Note: if you are going to use them, use the good stuff. This is one area you don’t want to buy the cheapest oil, because you will get what you pay for. Young Living is my brand of choice.