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My teaching style…
In teacher training, I got the nickname “mama-bear,” because, yes, I do have 4 teenagers, but I also love to encourage you and teach you how to build a strong foundation, so you can confidently find your edge and play with new ones.
My teacher training is through Yoga Works, therefore I have a strong anatomy-based practice. I love how our bodies are designed to move and heal, and my jam is human anatomy and my nut butter is natural movement. Together, they create a yummy flow.

Classes for May (note: a little extra finagling had to happen to get in classes this month).

  • Classes in Mound City: (Monday nights) May 7, 14, and Thursday nights: 24 and 31st*
    – 6:00 pm – Yoga Flow
    – 7:10 pm – Deep Stretch *The 31st will just be a 6:00 pm Deep Stretch class. An online workshop for Summer Social (with essential oils) will be at 7:30 pm.-If you missed my Reflect and Realign worksheet, and are needed extra focus to help you stay motivated: click here to download the Worksheets:
  • May 10th: online FB class “toxic free living” (8:00 pm) Description: Learn all about Young Living, why they are the best and safest company for essential oils. We will dive into the most popular oils and how you can use them every day.
  • May 12th (vending event in Mound City) Join the 3-Month Wellness Challenge! 3-month plan to kick the chemicals out of your life and focus on wellness to look and feel your best. Includes a focus on a three month order plan for Essential Rewards with Young Living (to give you that extra motivation to get you moving and reaching your wellness goals!
  • May 14th (yoga in Mound City) outside at the amphitheater??? (6:00 and 7:10 pm)
  • May 16th: Oola class in Fort Scott, Common Grounds Coffee (6:00 – 7:15 pm)
  • May 23rd: Fun in the Sun Summer ONLINE class (8:00 pm) Description: Ready for traveling and spending time outside this summer? Dive deeper into products perfect for the season such as sunscreen, bug repellent, the Bon Voyage travel kit, and essential oils for digestion, sleep, physical support, and relaxation.
  • May 24th: Yoga in Mound City (no yoga on Monday, so making up this Thursday evening)
  • May 30th: Oola class (first class of two) in Mound City 6:00-7:30 pm
  • May 31st: DIY Summer Social ONLINE class (7:00 pm) Description: Wow your friends with these super smart DIY ideas for socializing in the summer. Learn how to infuse your outdoor gatherings with recipes for your favorite dip, marinade, and drinks. This class comes equipped with DIY recipes perfect for a pleasant outdoor experience such as outdoor spray, itch stick, a citronella candle, and more.
Popup online Oola class to be announced soon! finding balance in an unbalanced world ONLINE class (8:00 pm) 
Description: If you desire more balance and a lot more growth in your life, in: faith, finances, fitness, family, field (your work), friends and fun, then you do not want to miss this class! We start with taking time to figure out where we each are in each area, and then set SMART goals to start growing!

Interested in more details? Awesome! Send me a private message or leave a comment and I’ll get back with you!