Holistic Wellness

Ayurveda is translated as the study of life, and/or the science of knowledge. Ayurveda began in India and is said to be the oldest continually practiced health system in the world.

There are four parts that make up the study of life: the physical body, the mind, the soul, and the five senses. Each part isn’t meant to be compartmentalized, but in order to prevent disease and reach our highest potential, each part needs to do its part and work together.

Restore’s philosophy of holistic wellness employs diet, biorhythms, herbal medicine, behavior science, and the heart. “Above all else, guard your heart, everything you do flows from it.” – Proverb 4:23

What we think and believe matters. How we live; the actions we live out, matter. If our actions and our beliefs line up, we live in integrity. When they don’t, we make room for dis-ease, frustration, and unfulfilled potential.

Our culture moves at a pace that seldom leaves time for realizing if you are living in integrity with yourself, or not. What do you want for your life? Whether you are passionate about serving others, improved physical performance, making more money, losing weight, reaching your dreams—all while living a life full of joy—pausing to realize how you are living isn’t an option, it is a necessity.

Learning how to live in sync with biorhythms, creating the habits that allow your body to work efficiently (ie. great digestion), clearing any brain fog, letting go of habits that don’t serve you or who you desire to be is often uncomfortable and takes time.

We are here to help you:
-fire up your digestion
-learn how to automate those habits
-encourage and inspire you to take uncomfortable steps
-let go of what is holding you back from being your best
-help you take the steps to be who you are created to be

All this begins with rewiring the biochemistry in your body. Our gut is called our second brain. So, we start with daily habits: your diet, what time of day you are eating, how much you are moving, and can you sit in stillness? We work from there, holistically and simply rewiring your body with habits that nourish you instead of harm you. Never forcing, just adding one quality habit at a time, allowing the human body to fall into rhythm.