Giving Back

When we thrive, we have the capacity to make our world a better place.

Typically, Mocha Club is supported by gals and guys that choose to make a difference by giving up a few mochas each month.

When I first supported Mocha Club, I gave up eating lunches out. 🙂 HOWEVER, if we had had a coffee shop in town, it would probably have been the coffee. 😉  When you you enroll in one of my courses, you most likely are giving up something to invest in yourself, because I value your commitment and the impact that Mocha Club is making, restore will donate a portion of your investment to Mocha Club.*

How your taking your heath seriously is making an impact:

Women in Ethiopia now have a second chance. Ellilta Women at Risk offers women forced into the sex trade individual and group counseling, medical care, skills training and job placement assistance – while also working with their children to break the generational cycle of poverty. 90% of the women who walk through Ellilta’s doors never return to the streets – ever.
Secondary students in Nairobi’s slums are able to complement their regular academic education with marketable and valuable life skills that will increase their chances of economic success after school. The New Dawn Educational Center teaches them farming, animal care, technology, and other viable skills that provide them with the foundation necessary to create new opportunities for themselves.

Economic Freedom

The top ten poorest countries in the world are all in sub-Saharan Africa. Lacking a skill set or job opportunities, families are often trapped in the cycle of extreme poverty. Additionally, poor economies disproportionately affect women who are often discriminated against both in their education and in employment. All too often women are forced onto the streets out of desperation to support themselves and their family.


*8% of your purchase will be donated to the Mocha Club.  Let’s create more economic freedom for women in Ethiopia!