Essential Oil Favorites: Bergamot

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Yes, yes and yes … although I have  been replacing my coffee with Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea every now and then.

Oh Bergamot… such an amazing oil. When I first heard of you I had no idea what you would smell like but I trusted those who were diffusing you. Now, I hate to run out and you are a favorite for everything, from the yoga studio to wearing as perfume.

It is invigorating, uplifting and sweet—but not too sweet.

Some of the reasons I ♥ Bergamot:

– Amazing to diffuse at home, in the classroom, or while working to create an uplifting, positive environment

– Creates and supports a calming aroma during unsettling times (simply put a drop or two on your wrist or in your palm, use your opposing index finger to draw a few circles and then use the remaining oil to inhale). I know that may have just sounded SUPER WEIRD, but trust me, it works and it isn’t as weird as it sounds.

–  To create the appearance of smoother-looking skin, I’ve added it to my nightly skin care regimen. Simple and quick! (Keep in mind that Bergamot can cause photosensitivity, so avoid sun exposure after any application.)

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