Meet Regina

Hi! I’m Regina (I also go by Regi). I’m a wife to an awesome guy and mom of four amazing kids (actually teens and college-aged “kids”). 

I started my fitness and health journey back in the mid-’90s,  teaching fitness classes, and as a personal trainer. We know a lot more about our bodies than we did back then. And I know and understand a whole lot more about how our bodies change and respond as we age. Much different than a 20-something. 

Along with group exercise, previously holding certifications with Stott Pilates, I received my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Chrissy Carter, in NYC, NY. I’ve had additional Power Yoga Teacher training with Baptiste Power Yoga and Luca Richards. My Health Coaching Certification is through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 

I believe God did an amazing job in creating us and wired into us the ability to heal A LOT of issues. However, culture has replaced many of the natural remedies with man-made ones–and they just aren’t as good. My coaching is on the holistic side, focusing on all of you, not just calories in and calories burned, nor the USDA’s recommended totals. There is a lot more at work than calories.

This site is the home base for what I am most passionate about teaching and passing on what I know.  I love teaching in real life, but after many years of doing this kind of work, I realize that sometimes the best way to connect is on our own time and virtually, removing the barrier of drive time.

If you want to know more about how I work, check out the free 7-Day Jumpstart If over-eating has been a barrier for you,  please download my free, mini-study, Breaking Free from Binge Eating Study.