I dare you to take some time today to just rest. Not the kind of rest that happens when you sit on a couch with media in your hand or a television turned on, but the kind where you sit really still, close your eyes and just listen. Listen to your breath, listen to the sounds around you, then check in and hear the self-talk that is either inspiring you to move forward or holding you back. Acknowledge what you come up with and acknowledge what is truth, and let go of what isn’t…. this is the kind of rest that creates room for life-change to happen. Just be still.

Now, go find a quiet spot, head outside, or lock the bathroom door if you need to, set a timer for 3-minutes. Get grounded, take a moment for gratitude. What are you grateful for and who are you gratefule too? Feel free to message me if you give it a try. I’d love to hear!