Smart and mindful movement classes for all levels and that work with your schedule!

Improve how you feel and move, end the body shame, and love who God created you to be.


A 7-Day Promise to Yourself

Make simple and powerful changes for 7-days and feel the difference in your mind, body and spirit!

Mindfully choosing slow, sustainable, and creative living.

Practicing mindfulness in creative and fulfilling ways. 

I love that Regi is our yoga instructor because she is so much more than that. She teaches but also listens and affirms and walks with us on that spiritual path home. Regi helps all aspects of me to grow.


yoga and 40-day ignite

Being able to attend classes have helped me reduce anxiety and stay accountable for my health goals. Having you as an instructor has been a blessing during these unprecedented times. You put a smile on our faces and give us a reason to show up. (photo of Heather and her niece stretching after her first 5k! Way to go Heather!



“Regina is upbeat and encouraging. My strength and balance have improved with each class. ” 


yoga and 40-day ignite

Your classes are always a highlight to my day. I always appreciate how welcoming and encouraging you are as well as others taking classes. This may sound strange but another thing that I enjoy is that you teach in your normal speaking voice. I know that’s stilly but I just can’t take them seriously, lol.



Regina is a wonderful teacher. Your willingness to keep us going during these troubled days is outstanding. Thank you!!!!!!!!!



Regi, you have a real gift for teaching! I have experienced more ease in transitioning from one pose to another, even with my limitations, than I have experienced in any other yoga class and this is because of your ability to break down the moves so understandably.



Meeting you the day you were starting the classes was one of the best days of my life. I got the opportunity to start fulfilling a long time dream of taking yoga classes. It was a wonderful plus to get to take them from you. You bring joy to class with a positive attitude. Yoga is a challenge and you make it so much fun.



I think you are an amazing teacher. You make everyone feel so comfortable no matter what level we are on. You’re so good at saying the right thing at the right times You are simply amazing teacher, the best I’ve ever had.