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Reaching your goals doesn’t have to end when you hit a certain age,
but old habits like counting carbs and calories might.

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Curious if yoga is for you?
Tired of the never-ending cycle of losing weight and gaining it back?
Ready to reach your goals (those secret ones you are scared to tell anyone about)?

Want to do one or all of-the above, but desire to find your answers in a place that keeps Jesus at the heart of the process. Stay around, you may just have found your community.









I love that Regi is our yoga instructor because she is so much more than that. She teaches but also listens and affirms and walks with us on that spiritual path home. Regi helps all aspects of me to grow.


yoga and 40-day ignite

Being able to attend classes have helped me reduce anxiety and stay accountable for my health goals. Having you as an instructor has been a blessing during these unprecedented times. You put a smile on our faces and give us a reason to show up. (photo of Heather and her niece stretching after her first 5k! Way to go Heather!