10 Habits in 10
Weeks to build
strength and calm for your everyday life
Each week we will build one small habit that will close the gap between who you are now and who you want to be next! Whether you desire to uplevel your fitness goals, lose weight, improve your immune system, replaced feeling stressed out with more peace, and/or re-engineer the aging process, each week we will build new and better habits  that will empower you to get you to where you want to go next!
What you will receive when you sign up for the 10-week course!
Registration times will only be available July 24-30th!
There are limited spots available, so if you are interested, sign up for the wait list today!

As an online course member, you will receive:


Course materials and resources to guide you every step of the way!

-You receive a link to the course material. Which you will want to download and print.

-4 webinars to help guide you along the way.

-We will meet together (via conference call/Zoom) for Q&A’s and help you on your journey

-You will receive weekly emails which include details and tips about the habits for the week

-You will get the knowledge and empowerment to live your life with more energy and clarity!!!

A tribe to support you on your journey
-Many people already have great friends and family, but that doesn't mean they have the same goals and desires you do, and they don't necessarily need to, but having support is critical to reaching goals! Think back to the the times you were determined to create a new habit, but you were going at it alone. We are 70-80% more like to succeed if we have a tribe around us to support our growth! The tribe is in a closed group on Facebook, so it is easy access to join in the conversations.
Skills in how you can upgrade your habits
Replacing old habits and creating new ones mean that you have to experience change. Let's be honest, change is hard! So we take advantage of behavior science to help create change that lasts!
How hard are the habits?
How about habits like eating an earlier lighter dinner, experimenting with going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, and learning to eat foods that nourish you--meeting you were you are in your current season of life. Life-long habits don't come overnight, and going cold-turkey isn't always the answer. You will practice and develop the skills to allow you to keep moving forward One stephabitat a time
The habits you develop create positive change that outlasts the 10-weeks!

Less stressed!
"The amount of work and stess I deal with each day hasn't changed, but how I respond to stress does. I'm no longer living in reaction mode and allowing day-to-day challenges overwhelm and get the best of me. Thank you!"
- R. RYH's member, Spring 2017
I'm stronger and have less aches and pain!
"I really thought that aches and pain was part of my age. I also didn't think I'd be able to really gain much strength at my age. Well, I know have more energy, have gotten stronger, have lost weight and dont' wake up with pain in my joints!"
-N. RYH tribe member