Hi! I’m Regina (I also go by Regi).

I’m a yoga teacher. I’m also a wife and mom of four amazing kids. I’m a huge geek about anatomy and the incredible way God designed our human bodies to work. Besides for Restore Tribe, I am also a co-founder of One + One Yoga.

Spending over 20+ years around the health and fitness industry, I have watched fads and trends come and go. I have also experienced (i.e. am old enough) first hand how the human body, physically and mentally, responds when the typical Western diet and weight-loss methods are practiced.

Over the years, I have intentionally studied how we, as people, seem to struggle to thrive. (Especially in the Western world.) How can we have so much and yet live as if it is never enough? Many answers to why we don’t thrive, rest in our strong ability to compartmentalize our lives. I compare the way we compartmentalize to the human body’s natural ability to adapt at a cellular level  with what we eat. A typical diet can be loaded with processed foods, and we can still seem to excel and live decease-free. We may be able to continue to excel, but do we actually reach our fullest potential? Based on the percentages of auto-immune diseases, fatique and health issues we face, I’d say we are not, and due to our choices, there are consequences that have manifested.

So how do we drop the compartmentalization and pick up wholeness? One step/habit at a time. Whether you are a person who is: training for an athletic event; just want to feel and move better; are are tired of the effects that “seem” to go with aging; drop the weight, get rid of aches and pains; increase your flexibility; have a difficult time letting negative stress go; feel like your not living in integrity with what you say you believe; have poor quality of sleep–there is ancient wisdom and practices that will help the shift toward the positives to happen.

Nothing too crazy, just think about some of the habits peeps would have had before the invention of the light bulb. 🙂 I’m all about teaching you how to be aware of what works in your body, and what doesn’t. Once you become aware and know how to create new habits that stay with you, you will have the tools to allow you to let go of negative thought patterns and daily habits that hold you back from living the life you are intended for. I teach the how-to’s by breaking them down into 3 Pillars. Each pillar teaches you how to tune into your body on a deeper level, which leads to life transformation.

We are designed to be super humans. As science continues to prove, our bodies are nothing less than a miracle.

Are you ready to reach beyond your own potential and step into who you were really created to be? I sure hope so. More than ever, we need more super humans thriving!

Note (just a heads up): I believe that there is a God who created the universe and each of us. Which I also believe is why what I teach works. 🙂 However, sometimes, in my teaching, you will hear my personal perspective: that there is a God of the universe and that He does have a better plan for your life than you do, or you can reach on your own.